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Residential Scaffolding Services

Since 2003, Conker Nation Ltd. have provided their clients with residential scaffolding solutions and we work with a number of building contractors and private home owners, continuing to build scaffolding solutions for our clients access requirements.

We are a reliable, efficient and hardworking scaffolding team that work within the homes counties and London and are always keen in taking the time to speak with our clients about what you are looking for as a scaffolding access solution.

If you are a private homeowner or building contractor, we would be more than happy to discuss with you your scaffolding requirements. Regardless of size or complexity, our scaffolding team will be able to assist you. The types of jobs we provide most commonly for residential services are:

  • Temporary roof structures
  • Access to Chimney Stacks
  • Access scaffolds for roofing works
  • Access scaffolds for rendering works
  • Full wrap around scaffolds

All of our jobs are undertaken with the keenest detail on health and safety, we adhere to the industry leading safety guidelines and use all the appropriate materials and equipment whilst working at any property.

For more details on how we can help you with your upcoming residential project, please get in touch via email or telephone, which can be found on our home or contact pages.